Sapphire Collection

Sapphire, birthstone for September, is second in hardness to diamond. Blue is the main color but there are also "Fancy Sapphires": yellow, purple, pink, green, and white. Sapphire symbolizes loyalty.  Star Sapphires exhibit a phenomenon caled asterism.

Sterling Silver
18K Pink Sapphire Beaded Ring
3 Stone Pink Sapphire Ring
Bezel Set Sapphire Ring
Purple Sapphire Halo Ring
Pink Sapphire Ring
Contemporary Sapphire & Diamond Ring
10.8 Carat Sapphire Pendant
Bypass Sapphire Pendnt
Violet Sapphire Ring
Yellow Sapphire Platinum Ring
Pink Star Bubble Ring
3.49CT Pink Sapphire Ring
Modern Yellow Sapphire Ring
Platinum Sapphire Ring
Creamy Sapphire Ring
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