Garnet Collection

Garnet, birthstone for January, is said to be the stone of passion and vitality.  Garnet occurs in many colors, the richest red, Ant Hill chrome pyrope, is found in Arizona.  Spessartite Garnet (also known as Mandarin or Tangerine Garnet) and Tsavorite garnet are from Kenya.  Rhodolite ranges from pink to violet and is found in Brazil and Tanzania.   



Marquise Tsavorite Ring
Tsavorite & Diamond Ring
Tsavorite Halo Earrings
Two Tone Tangerine Ring
Two Tone Tsavorite Ring
Deep Orange Band
Spessartite Garnet Band
Tangerine Garnet and Princess Diamond Ring
Garnet Crown Ring
Contemporary Tangerine Ring
Crisscross Rhodolite Garnet Ring
Spessartite Trillion Pendant
Flying Wing Tsavorite Pendant
Deco Rhodolite Ring
Deco Spessartite Ring
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